BeCreative is a leading content creation agency focusing on the written word for digital and print

We work on diverse topics

Variety is something we are very used to. On a daily basis we write and edit features on entertainment, culture, travel, lifestyle, food and drink, retail, business, education, recruitment, healthcare and well-being. 

Idea generation for agencies and sales support

Generating ideas is part of our company DNA. Being Creative is in our name and we can support our partners by creating campaigns and sales proposals which generate business for them and us. We only hire creative people with business understanding.

Client management

We are trusted by our publishing partners with their most valued clients. Once a detailed brief is agreed the client can be as involved in the process as they want. We work with our clients until they are happy with the finished product.

Publications we’ve worked with

We have worked with major publications all over the world.


We build strong long-term relationships with our clients

Nick Storey - Sales Manager, The Sunday Times, News UK & Ireland

“The content, delivery and even the late changes they had to make for our magazine were all accommodated without fuss. Our in-house editors were very happy with the content written by BeCreative.”

Sigurd Gran - former Country Manager, MediaPlanet Ireland

“I met the team in 2007 and have been working with them ever since, wherever I have worked. The content they create is always cutting edge and they have worked on diverse topics from fintech to diabetes. I have recommended them to many clients and businesses in the USA and Norway and will continue to do so.”

Karen Preston - Group Advertising Director, Independent Newspapers

“BeCreative have provided excellent advertorial content to INM for over 10 years. They work closely with INM’s clients from idea creation all the way through to final sign off and publication. They have become an excellent partner for us.”

How we work with clients

We work with clients with very different styles on a daily basis. Some are hands off and some want to be part of every element of the process. Let us outline the typical approach from start to finish

Concept creation or Brief

Whether we are writing a page, two pages or an entire magazine, there are many ways we can approach it. While we will always do background research on topics we are writing about, the client will always brief us on the company and the goals they are trying to achieve from a campaign piece. 

This can be done over the phone or through e-mail, but when it comes to magazines, ideally we meet with the client and discuss what content we must include and draft a page plan together.

Ideas and First drafts

If the client already has an idea for a feature or magazine, we work with this while giving them our guidance on what ideas will work best to create the most impactful content. If a client wants us to create ideas from scratch – whether that’s for features or magazines – we can send a list of engaging ideas for the client to choose from. 

For magazines, we will send the client a proposed page plan based on our first meeting, in which they will sign off on. We then begin work on crafting the content and the client will have their agreed copy deadline where we can work together to make all changes to an article.

Final sign off

When the copy has been approved and all images are supplied, the next step is for us to send pages to the designer. The designer will then send PDF files of the designed pages to us, which are forwarded to the client for final approval. 

The publishing partner will have a set deadline for the designed proof to be sent to print or online publication, which is when the reader will get to consume the finished product. This is where the magic happens!

Our Work

Here are some recent examples of our wide ranging work

Bespoke Magazines

Below are examples of our magazine and printed work that has engaged hundreds of thousands of readers each week. Every project has a Senior editor in charge who will co-ordinate the work with our writing team. Our clients are kept informed throughout the process leading to a strong impactful end product.

Articles and Content Marketing

Our speciality is sponsored pieces or content marketing. These need to be engaging, enjoyable and informative for the reader to make the impact clients require. We know it’s all about “The Story” in getting our clients message successfully through the noise they are bombarded with.

Blogs and Social Media

We have vast experience creating content for company and brands blogs which are engaging and viral. We also use our content experience in creating engaging social media posts and ad copy. Online content needs to instantly grab the users attention.

Content Has Always Been King

BeCreative produces supplements and features on almost any topic, on a daily basis, for some of the leading publications in Ireland and around the world. 

Vast Ranging Experience

BCMG’s titles have included the Irish Independent Fine Wine & Food Guide, the Sunday Independent Travel Magazine and the Irish Independent Wedding Destinations guide, along with supplements on specialist healthcare topics, home improvement, property, retail and more. 

Digital Partnerships

We have partnered with leading companies in Scandinavia so they can lead the way in creating written and multimedia content for client websites, helping clients gain a high ranking on Google and other search engines. We also have managed native advertising and social media campaigns from start to finish with great success.

International Exposure

We supplied content internationally to The Sunday Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, among others. BeCreative have successfully produced supplements for MediaPlanet UK as well.

Find Us

We are based 50 metres from the beautiful St. Stephens Green in Dublin. Come visit us!

BeCreative, Third Floor, 21 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland - +35316767968 or +35316795936